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Meister is a well known brand in the floating floor, parquet and vinyl flooring industry or as we prefer to call it design flooring (the healthy alternative to vinyl for the home). Meister offers high quality products, making it one of the best brands of parquet and laminate flooring.


Meister has been known for manufacturing high quality and durable laminate and parquet flooring since 1930.

Their products are designed to resist daily wear, stains and impact, making them ideal choices for high-traffic areas in your home. The quality and durability of Meister floors are unmatched.

Meister has stood out for incorporating advanced technology in the manufacture of its floors. Both its floating floors and parquets include surface treatments resistant to scratches and dirt. Lindura wood parquet is available for us.

Meister offers a wide range of styles and designs to suit different tastes and decorating styles. Whether you prefer a natural wood look or a more contemporary style, you’ll find options to suit your preferences, finding a beautiful floor for your home.

Meister uses materials and manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact. As a family-owned company, it also thinks about future generations, so respect for nature and natural resources is a matter of course.

Meister products are designed with installation systems that make the process easier, which can be beneficial if you plan to install the flooring yourself or if you are looking for a quick and efficient installation. To find out how to install each of the Meister floors you can search for the product you are interested in on our website suelosmeister.com and you will find a document called “Laying and care instructions – compact version” Your installer will be grateful for this great choice.

Meister is an established brand in the flooring industry and enjoys a very good reputation for quality and above all customer service. All official Meister distributors are experts in Meister and each of its products, so all our team is fully prepared to provide a personalized service according to your needs.

Our after-sales service is so integrated in our team because we do not understand a sale without the customer being 100% satisfied and without any doubt, either before or after the purchase. Both Meister and its distributors can not allow defective or damaged products, we provide replacements and guidance to solve problems.

Meister’s German quality leaves no one indifferent.

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