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Wood flooring in Huelva

Wood Flooring in Huelva
with Meister

If you are thinking about putting laminate, parquet, hybrid flooring, design/vinyl flooring or any imitation of wood flooring in your home in Huelva, it is because you know the warmth (and quality) they bring to a home. Stay to the end and you will learn the pros and cons of each.

The German flooring brand Meister is a leader in the wood flooring market, because since its beginnings in 1930 it has been committed to high quality and continuous innovation. Such has been its progression and success that it sells its products in more than 50 countries. Now we have a physical store in Huelva, where we can see in person the best wood or imitation wood floors on the market.

Which soil should I choose?

Characteristics of each soil

Laminate flooring, also known as laminate flooring, is a type of flooring composed of several materials. Its core is made of pressed wood and its surface layer consists of a “printed photograph” that perfectly imitates the appearance and texture of natural wood.

It is characterized by its impact resistance and durability. No maintenance is required.

Meister floorboards are all water-resistant, which means that we can install the flooring in bathrooms and kitchens.

All Meister laminate floors are treated and guaranteed against water, making Meister the best laminate flooring brand in Europe.

The least expensive, non-beveled, water-resistant decking collection is LC150. It has a wide variety of colors such as gray floorboards, oak floorboards, walnut floorboards, maple floorboards, etc.

The other collections such as Meister LD150, LL150, LD250, LL200 or LL250 are beveled decking, all of them AC4 decking water resistant from 4 to 24h of surface water, depending on the collection. They are laminate flooring for pets and underfloor heating. Its high quality makes Meister laminate flooring an unbeatable option for our home.

If you are looking to install laminate flooring in Huelva, you can find the nearest store to your area here.

Naturalparquet is a flooring with a core similar to laminate flooring, but differs in that it has a top layer of natural wood. Its advantages include its great naturalness, warmth, long life with regular maintenance and the distinction of our home.

Its price is usually higher, which makes it exclusive, luxurious and will increase the value of your home.

Meister has some really excellent wood flooring collections. The natural parquet collections Parquet PD450, Parquet PD400 and Parquet PS300 have models in natural oak, gray wood or natural wood. All shades in a natural wood floor, with water treatment.

The parquet collection PS500 are herringbone wood floors and finally, the PC200 collection are natural wood parquet in 3 planks.

Parquet or laminate flooring? If you can’t choose, Lindura hybrid wood flooring is your best option because it is a natural wood parquet with the performance of a laminate. This means that we will have the warmth and feeling of a natural wood floor, a water resistant parquet, suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. It is a wood floor that we will never have to sand or varnish and fully prepared for bumps and scratches.

You can see some of their Lindura HD400, HS500 and HS400 205mm collections in Huelva at Plus Meister Boutique to see and touch the naturalness of this hybrid flooring.

The alternative to vinyl or PVC flooring. Healthy for the home. If what you are looking for is a battle floor, that is to say, a floor that is 100% water resistant to be installed in wet areas such as kitchen and bathroom, a floor resistant to scratches and shocks and with a very good imitation of wood, we recommend the Meister Design Floors.

We can say that it works like a vinyl or PVC flooring, but totally healthy for our home since it is a plastic-free floor.


Your flooring store in Huelva to compare them personally.



Install laminate flooring, install wood flooring or install vinyl/design flooring in Huelva… we are the experts.


Just as it is important to know how to choose the best flooring for my house, we must choose a good installer in Huelva for wooden floors and luckily, we are specialists in them.


You can look for the Plus Meister Boutique in Huelva and show your project to our expert decking installers. We also have ladder assemblers.

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